Art Journal Page 4

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This page was an ever-changing experiment. You can see where I left off a few years ago.

It all started with the bunny paper doll. I wanted to experiment with a doll that faced sideways, and with one that wasn‘t a human figure. So I cut the bunny out of an old wallpaper scrap. Then I thought it would look good with a jacket. But after that, I set it aside a bit because I wasn‘t sure where to go with it.

Then I remember the very first song my younger daughter learned when she was 4! Well, that meant we needed a mouse and a way to show “bonking”.

The song had one more character, and I really wanted to include her in some way on the page. After looking at the bunny and the mouse for a while, I realized that this could be a great experiment in scale: how could I include the good fairy while keeping the bunny smaller than human size. I had already cut a large figure to put on canvas and I liked the coloring with everything else on the page, so I lopped off the top of her, keeping just the bottom of her dress, legs and shoes! Perfect!

Because of the narrative illustration here, I chose not to include any written words on the page. I don‘t think they are really needed here.