I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher with over 45 years general and art teaching experience. I offer private and group classes in the Southeast Phoenix Metro area. In addition, I use Zoom to teach classes over the internet. So no matter where you are located, you can take a class with me! To schedule a class, you can contact me through Facebook or email TandikaCZT at gmail for more details.

Introduction to Zentangle Class

Zentangle is a simple-to-learn, relaxing, meditative way to create beautiful art by drawing structured patterns, one stroke at a time. Unlike other art forms, there are no mistakes in Zentangle. You do not have to have any art, drawing or tangling experience to succeed in this class. If you can print the letters i-c-s-o, you can tangle.

In the introduction to Zentangle Class, you will learn the philosophy, method and approach to creating Zentangle art. You’ll walk away with a completed tile, an understanding of the Zentangle Method, the knowledge of how to create several tangles, shading techniques, all needed basic supplies and a resource list that will have you up and tangling and wanting to know more.

Location: Gilbert, Arizona
Time: 2.5 hours
Fee: $25 per person - group, $35 - individual
All supplies will be provided

Location: Internet
Time: 2.5 hours
Fee: $35 + supplies
in the U.S., supplies will be provided by the instructor and mailed to students ahead of class
outside the U.S., arrangements will need to be made to cover supplies

Customized Class

Prerequisite: Introduction to Zentangle

Is there a particular aspect of Zentangle that you would like to have further instruction on? Specialized classes can be arranged! Suggested topics: Zenbuttons, Fragments, Shading, Individual Tangles, Renaissance Tiles, Zendalas, 3Z Tiles, Black tiles, Adding Color, or ZIAs.

Location: Gilbert, Arizona or internet
Time: 1-3 hours
Fee: variable