Daily Zen 20170130

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Something different.

I decided to try the current challenge in Eni Oken’s Shading Zentangle Facebook group. This challenge was to imitate the stunning artwork style used by Jo Flaherty. Her work is amazingly beautiful!

I tried to keep the tangling simple, with larger shapes and no details. Then I began by drawing a simple line of color with the marker and applying water.

I had some issues controlling the color, but I did get the base tones in place.

Then I switched to rubbing the marker on a white plastic palette, and picking it up with just a bit of water and applying it. Basicaly, I switched to a water color technique, and found that applying color in a way I was familiar with worked better for me.

After I got the color down, I wanted to add some color “accents” and lines to the image. This turned into a major challenge because I had very few colored pens with waterproof ink that drew a fine enough line. As a result, the lines in the shells feel too thick to me.

Finally, I used my handy Sharpie paint pens. I love these pens. Mine are water-based, so I have to use them last, but the paint is very opaque and flows very nicely. I added some white accents to the round circles and dots to the shell in the center.

Over all, I like the way it came out for a first attempt, and I think I will probably try the technique again in the future!

Zentangle drawn on Strathmore Vellum Bristol using a black, Micron pen. Coloring was done with Tombow, Zig and Distress markers. Accents were done with Sharpie water-based paint pens.

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