Daily Zen 20170207

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Neuron was recently featured as the challenge tangle on a couple of Facebook groups. I didn‘t do this right away, because I wanted to think about how to use the tangle as a string, as I did here. I also wanted to experiment with a few red accents, and I thought the triangles that appear in this design were perfect. I felt the center needed something contrasting, so I chose Nzeppel. Finally, I specifically chose the tangles to go into the other filled spaces so that there were a lot of close line work. It‘s kind of unusual for me to select specific tangles and here, I feel like everything worked very well.

Zentangle drawn on Strathmore Vellum Bristol using a black and a red Micron pen.

Tangles: Kule Magma Nekton Neuron Nipa Nzeppel Sand Swirl Static