New Year = New Studio

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Setup is important.

This is my new studio set up. Yep, you’re seeing a camera in there, and photography lights. This is somewhat of a temporary set up because I’m still playing with the positioning of everything before I mount it all on an overhead bar and get that shelf off the table.

In my old studio, which I’m in the process of moving out of, the lighting was several different color temperatures, which was driving me crazy. You can see it very clearly in this picture.

You’ll notice that some parts are yellowish and some parts are pinkish. Compare that to the new studio and you’ll see a really big difference.

But more important, here’s a picture of some things on the desk in the old studio.

In this shot, there is pink light coming from somewhere and blue light along with white light. It was just crazy trying to make nice looking pictures to put on line!

With my new setup, all of that is gone. Now, anything that is “yellowish” is supposed to be that way and the blue and pink areas are gone.

None of the images above were touched up in any way. That’s the way they came right out of the camera.

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