Art Journal: Monsters: I Can't Draw

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So many people tell me that they can’t do an art journal (or Zentangle!) because they think they can’t draw.

But, just about everyone had crayons as a kid. And when they did, they drew all sorts of things, like Mom and Dad, the house they lived in, the sky, trees and flowers.

The problem isn’t that they can’t draw… the problem is that somewhere along the line, they were probably told, “That’s not what a looks like!” So they stopped drawing, thinking they were not able to do it “right”!

You just need to go back and give yourself permission to draw the way YOU draw, the way YOU see things! Just is pick up your pencil and draw.

One of the nice things about a pencil is that if you REALLY don’t like the marks you’ve made, you can always erase them and start over. When you like what you have, then pick up your Micron pen and ink it in right over the pencil. Then you can erase any leftover marks and add color.

Just draw daily and you will end up surprising yourself with what you CAN do!

Following this rule, everything on this page was sketched in pencil, first. Then I went over it with a black, Pigma Micron pen. After erasing the stray pencil, I painted it with Daniel Smith watercolors. The sparkly parts of the monster are also various D.S. watercolors! They don’t show up well in the photo, so when I finish the book, I will try making a video so you can see them better.

Remember: If you don’t try you can’t succeed!

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