Art Journal: Technique Card 2 & 3

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Keyword: Stamping

Technique: Stamping with metallic paint

You will need:

  • gessoed card
  • metallic craft paint
  • foam stamps
  • brayer
  • plastic craft mat

I used foam stamps again. I put a drop of paint on the craft mat and then used a brayer to apply craft paint to the stamps. Then I stamped on the card. These are the same techniques that I used with yesterday’s technique card.

I actually did this twice, once on black and once on a card that was painted with craft paint over the gesso.

I found this more difficult that using regular, colored craft paint. Metallic paint is shiny “flakes” in a clear base. So when it’s applied thinly, it doesn’t provide a lot of coverage. The metallic paint didn’t stick as well to the stamp, making the application very thin. So when it was stamped, it didn’t show up well.

I also learned that the “color” of the metallic makes a difference. You need to have a high contrast between the paint and the card.

I can see where this has potential, but I need more practice!