Art Journal: Technique Card 8 & 9

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Keyword: Stamping

Technique: Stamping with Household Objects

You will need:

  • gessoed or painted card
  • craft paint
  • various household objects
  • brayer, paint brush
  • plastic craft mat

There are all kinds of household object that can be used to transfer paint onto your project and create texture. I keep a cupboard in my studio that is full of odd things, such as a sushi mat, a plastic doily, some pieces of shelf liner, corks, and other things that you might question being in an art studio.

Today’s cards were created with “texture plates” that I got on clearance from Michael’s a while back. They were originally meant to add texture to fondant for cake decorating! I love them because they are sturdy and you can use either side.

This first one is a swirling pattern. I rolled out the paint with the brayer and then pressed the plate into the paint. Then I stamped it on the card.

As it happens, my color choice didn’t do it any favors because the red marks are very fine and a bit hard to see on the card. But it worked fine.

It also didn’t help that the clear gesso was a bit contaminated with white gesso that was still in the brush.

The same technique was used on the second card. This plate was a grid pattern. I deliberately used the side with the raised squares (as opposed to the raised lines) so that they would show up better.

While this card has the same gesso issue, you can see the red, stamped design a bit better.

So, start gathering up things to try and set aside a day to try stamping your treasures! It’s fun, relaxing, and when you’re done, you’ll have several “starts” in your art journal that you can go back and add more to later!