Bitty BookZ

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Tanglers are always looking for new ways to carry tiles with them on the go. Others want a way to save, share and protect finished tiles. And some are looking for projects that incorporate tangling alternatives.

I am making a Bitty BookZ, following the instructions from Chris Titus. These instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The end result is a finished book, containing ten Zentangle tiles!

If you make this from standard tiles, the book will be just a bit larger than 3-1/2 inches tall by 1-5/8 inches wide. Made from Bijou tiles, your tiny book would be a bit larger than 2 inches high by 1 inch wide.

In addition, this binding technique could be applied to any size of folded drawing materials. So those of you who are members of the Micro Art Journaling group on Facebook, will also be interested! You can use paper that is small enough to create a tiny art journal!

You can find the instructions for Bitty BookZ on Etsy, here.