Daily Zen: 2017100801

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She looked out the portal and realized the pink glow came from some kind of strange sun that appeared to send out some rather odd rays into the atmosphere. She would have to have the Science Officer run a complete scan to see what sorts of strange gasses were being emitted.

This tangle started out to be a Molygon “sun”. I decided I needed to add some texture to each of the shapes, but Scrolled Feather was the first one out of the Tangle Jar. I decided I liked the idea of using it to fill in around the sun, but then I still needed another “filler” tangle. Then I remembered the Baton was the Focus Tangle for a week in one of the Facebook Groups I participate in, so I used it to fill the Molygon shapes. I added the perfs just to contrasty with the other designs.

Zentangle drawn on pink parchment cardstock using a black, Micron pen. Cool grey and warm grey Copic Multiliners were also used. Shading done with colored pencils and a white gel pen was used for highlights on the perfs.

Tangles: Batton Molygon Scrolled Feather