Daily Zen: 2017111501

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What’s up, Dewd?

Zentangle has introduced a new tangle, Dewd, along with the debut of the new Project Packs! I decided to do it on a black tile, in keeping with the spirit of the introduction video, here.

I used two different pink, metallic pens and two different silver pens so that I would have a tiny bit of variation between the inner shape and the outer auras.

Then, I used the Mooka 3D behind the Dewd to add another layer of interest.

I stopped after shading the Mooka because I just felt that anything else would distract, rather than add to the design.

Zentangle drawn on black, textured card stock using a white, Sakura, silver, and pink metallic gel pens. Shading done with colored pencil and white charcoal pencil. Black, Pigma Micron pen was used to outline portions of tangles.

Tangles: Dewd Mooka 3D