Calm. Where I live, we have monsoon rains in the Summer. Generally, what that means is that, when it rains, it rains hard! There’s lots of wind before and during the storm and also lots of lightning. And it can be almost impossible to sleep. This simple, all-over pattern of Pea-nuckle was created during a real humdinger of a storm late at night! We got over an inch of rain in about an hour.

Ribbons. I have a new go-to tangle that I love: Pea-nuckle. Here, I’ve used it to make sets of curled ribbons. Originally, I didn’t much care for this particular tangle. I often threw it back in the jar when it came up randomly. Not any more, though. I watched Eni Oken’s Art Club video for a different way of drawing this tangle. And now, I love it! I’m also in love with this gray-toned paper!