Art Journal: La Nouvelle Mode 7

/2024/01/art-journal-la-nouvelle-mode-7/images/21LaNouvelle_p56 copy.jpg

This is the back side of page 6 and the front side of page 7.

On the left page is a frame around an empty space. This space could be used for a quick sketch or additional journaling.

On the left side of this layout, there is a decorative strip that holds a book mark. This strip is often referred to as a “belly band”. It can be a piece that is attached at both ends or a strip that wraps around a page.


Here you see the left page without the bookmark. Instead, it appears underneath the first image and it is reversed to show the back side.

While this book might not have a particular place to put a bookmark, the band can also be used to hold small pieces of paper, such as a ticket stub, a calling card, or a sticker or two. It provides another place to add more to the journal.

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