Fewer images to show you today because each one took more time. These go beyond the workshop I am taking. I decided to go with some mixed media techniques. In addition to watercolor, I used markers and gel pens to add tiny details to these. I have to say, I’m kind of in love with this technique! The credit for the inspiration for these are: Artist Harriet Osborne, Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine, Japanese sashiko techniques.

For this lesson from Daisy Yellow’s Tiny Museum Workshop, we are using pictures as prompts. In some cases, I did a fairly literal copy and in others I copied just the feeling or shapes or colors. This was a lot harder than what I had been doing, but it was still fun!

Another set of tiny, abstract backgrounds. I have to let these dry over night so that I can add more to the pieces without the base layer moving all around when it gets wet. This time, I’ve used a combination of the Winsor Newton and Daniel Smith watercolors. They are working very well together. I find that the Winsor Newton box works just fine for most of the colors.

As I mentioned last Friday, I am taking the Tiny Museum Workshop from Daisy Yellow. One of the short videos illustrates how to blend colors together. In the process, these curvy images are created. These reminded me of banded agate stones. I did mine, again, on individual, tiny art journal sized pieces of watercolor paper, rather than on a large sheet. I didn’t blend these as much as the video showed.

I decided to take the Tiny Museum Workshop from Daisy Yellow! It’s a lot of fun, and I can recommend it to anyone who isn’t sure how to work with gouache and/or watercolor. You’ll get plenty of practice using either (or both!) in this series. I decided to take it because it looked like fun, and I wanted to learn more about working with watercolors to create tiny, abstract art journaling pages.