Daily Zen: 2018022801

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She had passed through, to the other side of the barrier, beyond the stars. She could still see it in the distance. Now, she was confronted with the inner realms. She could see the stations, clustered together, ahead. Perhaps the structures connecting them also lead to others.

I decided to try my hand at creating a “regular” Zentangle, but using a black tile and white ink. This went through various stages of working and not working and then back to working again! I think one of the tricks for this technique is to have pens with a variety of nib sizes. That’s not as easy to do with white ink as it is for black. I am experimenting with technical pens.

Zentangle drawn on black, Strathmore Artagain using a variety of white ink pens. Shading done with Copic markers and colord pencils.

Tangles: Ing Membranart Oval Paradox-y Thing