Daily Zen: ah2018040501

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I haven’t posted anything from Amanda recently, so I thought I would show you a Zentangle she created that inspired one that I did. If you remember, a while back, I posted a tile similar to this, except mine was reversed: white gel pen on a black tile.

We were talking about this particular tangle, and she asked why there weren’t very many of my tiles using it. I told her that I have trouble drawing this one because it seems to want to make itself in only small sizes.

She was able to draw it large with no problem. That inspired me to give it a go too!

I think it is wonderful when tanglers work together because they inspire each other to explore and try new things and stretch outside their own comfort zones.

Challenge: Find a tangling partner. You’re each going to create two tiles. Each of you select a tangle that you find difficult and ask your partner to create a monotangle with it. Show them to each other. Now try to copy, or use your partners tile as inspiration for your own!

Zentangle drawn on Strathmore Vellum Bristol using a black, Micron pen. Shading done with graphite pencil.

Tangles: Indy-Rella