Art Journal: Christmas Book 1-1

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Today I’m showing you a full, double-page day in my nano Traveler’s Notebook. I mentioned yesterday that I journal on one side and art on the other.

Now you can see how I do that. For what I keep track of, there’s plenty of room on the left side. On this day, there was enough space left that I did a random color mix. (I select the colors from a “random jar”.)

I’m not going to explain everything on the page. Some of it is self-explanitory and some is my “code” for keeping track of stuff. And one thing is blurry because it’s “not for public consumption.”

On the right side, is the “art” for the day. In this case, the prompt was “snow globe”. So this is my result. Not all of the “glittery” shows up in the photo. (Yes, there’s more, LOL!) But you can see some of it.

This micro art journal is giving me a chance to do a bit of watercolor practice, but still be able to get some other things done. And, even when it’s not great… doing it makes me happy!

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