Art Journal: One World

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Things are changing rapidly over the world. That got me to thinking about all of my friends who live, not only in my country, but around the world. My art friends, my Zentangle friends, my Facebook friends.

I want all of them to know that I think about them. I worry about them. I pray for them. And if I could do something for them, I would and I will.

Right now, with borders closing and countries hunkering down, I think it is very important to remember that borders are just lines on a map. If we were above the earth and looked down, we wouldn’t see them. We would see that we are one world of many people with the same loves, the same families, the same needs and wants, the same hopes and desires all across the planet.

This is the message of this layout:

When we rise above ourselves,
there are no borders...
we are ONE world.

Use your art to heal your spirit.

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