First Stage: Larva

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What was it that spurred me to want to learn how to crochet? It was the book "Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies” by Lydia Tresselet, aka Lalylala!

This book is just adorable. It begins with a short story, illustrated with the completed projects from the book. This is followed by the section of Techniques, with very clear information accompanied with lots of great photographs. The next section is full of lots of patterns for making all kinds of things from eggs, to larva, to caterpillars to pupae and full grown beetles, butterflies and other fun bugs. There’s even leaves to wrap around your creations to keep them safe or hidden!

So, above, you see my first attempt. I am making the fly, because it seemed like it would be the easiest for a beginner. And I am definitly a rank beginner!

I’m sure I’ve made many, many rookie mistakes. Let’s start with, I dunno how to count! Where do I put the marker for the beginning of the new row? And I executed the decreasing incorrectly, which is why there are “lumps” under her cheeks.

My next mistake was the yarn I chose for the body. I didn’t have many problems with the head, but the body yarn is fuzzy, light colored, and seems to be a lighter weight, although it has the same number (4) on the label as the yarn I used for the head. It turned out to be miserable to use. I kept splitting stitches and it was hard to see where to insert the hook.

But, I did figure out the correct way to decrease, so there are no “lumps” on the body.

Finally, I didn’t have the safety eyes that were called for, so I used these tiny shank buttons. They are cute, so I don’t mind.

This larva is supposed to have a “hat” that matches it’s body. I will make that next! Hopefully, I can figure out the counting.

Note: The instructions under the larva my “cheat sheet” of how to do the stitches, not the instructions in the book.

Stay tuned!