In Real Life

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Today’s post isn’t about Zentangle.

It’s not about art.

It’s not about sewing.

It’s about REAL LIFE.

On Wednesday night, our water heater, which is in the garage, had a blowout. Water came spewing out of a small hole.

The tank is very close to the surrounding wall. The water was under a high amount of pressure. That pressure created a hole in the wall right next to it. The beginning of a disaster.

The pressure of that water was high enough that it went through to the wall on the OTHER side, across the framing space, to what happened to be the closet in my husband’s office.

In the closet was a LOT of stuff, but about an inch away from the hole was a metal filing cabinet.

The water hit that cabinet and the pressure caused it to open up into a blossom shape and spray everywhere.

This went on long enough to flood the office. And the laundry room behind it. And part of the hallway leading to these rooms.

Fortunately, this was in the evening, and we discovered it when we went to bed. At about 10 pm.

We got the water to the house turned off. A plumber was called and about an hour after our discovery, arrived and rendered the hot water heater “safe” and restored the cold water.

From the time of discovery to the time we finally went to sleep was several hours.

During that time we moved as much as we could out of the flooded area and sopped up as much water as we could until we were pretty exhausted.

Now, we are dealing with restoration because all of the drywall that was soaked has to be replaced. And all the insulation. Everything has to be treated with a mold and fungus preventative.

Right now there are dehumidifiers, and fans, and tubes to remove water and a general mess.

This process requires people. Several of them. From different companies. They have to come IN the house. They have to BE in the house.

In the middle of a pandemic.

Now. Imagine this. During this pandemic, people in some parts of our country have endured huge fires. They have endured floods. They have lived through hurricanes and a durecho. Their homes have been obliterated, flooded, without power. They’ve had no place to go, no food, and been sick or disabled.

I am fortunate. I have a little water damage. It’s being taken care of. I will survive.

I am fortunate.

What about ALL those other people? If you do nothing else, keep them in your heart. Have empathy for them. If you CAN do more, please do.

And most of all: VOTE.