Crochet You: Underwear


The first clothing pattern in the book was for Underwear. Because I’m not using the same weight of yarn called for, it required a bit of experimentation, but I settled on ILTY from Hobby Lobby in white, and a 3.75mm hook.

The pattern is simple and works up quickly. However, the way the “legs” were done seem a bit awkward to me. The pattern is worked from the bottom to the waist.


Here you can see the back of the Underwear.

One problem with working in a spiral is that the last stitch of the last row stands above the previous row. This makes for a bit of a bump at finishing off, particularly when the last stitch is higher than a SC.

On the other hand, this is an item that isn’t normally seen, being worn under other clothing.

The over-all fit worked out pretty well. The waist is a little loose, but they fit fine. I could either do a long string of chain stitch and thread it through the waist band to use as a drawstring, or just leave it alone.

I will make a decision after I finish some other clothing pieces and see how they work together with the underwear!

More to come…

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