Crochet You


I’ve had this book on my shelves for a while now. I finally felt like I could handle the patterns, so for the last week, I’ve been crocheting the basic doll.


I used I Love This Yarn (from Hobby Lobby) in the “Fuzzy Slippers” color. I use this color a lot to make doll bodies. I don’t mind that it’s varigate shades from white to peach, and I think it makes an interesting doll body.

The pattern is clear and straight forward. There are some photographs to help you understand what to do for the more complicated steps. I found the most difficult to understand was the heel of the foot. And I wish there were better photos of that particular section.

Over all, I enjoyed making the doll, but I was frustrated because, somehow, the legs are twisted, so it looks like both feet are pointing towards the doll’s right. I’m sure that was the result of something(s) I did wrong. When I finish this one, I’ll make another and hopefully the legs will be straight.

Other than the twisted legs, I actually really like the doll. It is a good size for dressing. I used a worsted weight yarn, which is heavier than the pattern called for. As a result, my doll is 14" tall. The book recommends Scheepjes Catona, which is a fingering weight for the dolls’ bodies and clothing. I would have to mail order this yarn, so I used what I had.

Next, I need to make her a wig. I wish I had yarn that was a nice auburn color, but what I do have is too “orange”, so I’m going to use brown instead. I’m planning on making fairly long strands, so that I can put the hair in a variety of styles.

Stay tuned!

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