The next step in my process is to select the order the pages are in. Half of the pages will be double-page spreads. The other half will be single. This has to do with the way I plan to assemble the book. If I put the front and backs of each signature together, and then stitch each one down the center to the spine, the outside layer will end up next to the outside layer from the previous (or next) signature.

I’m starting an experiment. I want to try making a micro, A8 size, art journal using fabric and various fiber art techniques. I’ve never done anything like this before, so this is a totally new adventure. What you see here are the blank, inside pages for the book. I cut them all out yesterday. These, currently, include a small seam allowance. I am thinking, eventually, I will stitch them back-to-back and turn them right side out.

While we are in the PT (Pandemic Time), I am, like many others, having trouble concentrating on long-term projects. I am finding myself drawn to new and different things that I hadn’t previously considered. For example, I tried knitting an stuffie. It went well, until I got to the head. I want to knit the “hair” as I am knitting the head. I keep loosing my pattern count and I still don’t have a completed head, although I’ve started over many times.