Daily Zen: 2017122601

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This tile is from Project Pack 2, The Twelve Days of Zentangle. On day four we are doing a twist on Diva Dance. Here, you see it drawn both as a ribbon and as a spirals (Diva Dance rock-n-roll.) However, a new technique has been added. It looks as if the tangle has developed arms. Rick refers to these as “sproings!” You can learn all about them by watching the video, here.

My particular variation was drawn on a standard, 3-12-inch tile, rather than the Apprentice tile. First of all, I don’t have any and even if I did, they don’t fit well in my binder, which has 4-inch pockets on the pages. However, I may go back and do this again and use a larger tile.

I spent quite a bit of time rotating my tile, trying to decide which way I wanted it to go. Interestingly, it worked from any direction! I finally decided on this one because it looked like two creatures swimming under the sea.

Zentangle drawn on Strathmore Vellum Bristol using a black, Micron pen. Shading done with graphite pencil.


Tangles: Diva Dance