Daily Zen: 2017122301

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This is another exercise from Project Pack 1. This time, we’re drawing a variation of Bales on a black tile. You can watch Martha create this version here.

The differences between mine and the video are that I used the narrowest Gelly Roll to draw the grid lines, and then the 08 to draw the diamonds. I also chose to use the white pastel a bit differently. I drew small lines radiating between the lines at the intersections. Then I use my tortillon to lightly draw across the lines. This gave more of a “starlight” or “twinkling” effect which I liked much better.

I felt more comfortable drawing this tile. I notice I’m getting more used to working with the Gelly Roll pens. I automatically use a lighter touch which allows the ink to flow much better. This is a good thing, since my entire goal of doing the exercises in these project packs is to get more comfortable with the black tiles, and with drawing on Official Zentangle tiles in general.

Zentangle drawn on a black, Official Zentangle tile using white, Sakura Gelly Roll pens. Shading done with white pastel pencil.


Tangles: Bales