Daily Zen: 2018012301

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This is actually the second-to-last of the Project Pack 1 series, but I saved it to do last. Unlike the other projects in this series, this one is done on a tan tile. In the video Maria shows us her daughter’s beautiful photograph of pumpkin seeds that have arranged themselves into a spiral. It was the inspiration for this exercise, where we are using Pokeleaf, drawn in a spiral pattern.

I saved this exercise until last because it wasn’t on a black tile. I also didn’t think I would like it very much. While I have to say that it isn’t my favorite tile, it was very Zen to create. The simple design allowed me to just kind of zone out and continue the repetitive actions for both drawing and shading!

Zentangle drawn on an Official, tan Zentangle tile using a white, Sakura gel pen. Shading done with graphite and colored pencil. Highlighting was done with white charcoal and white colored pencil.


Tangles: Pokeleaf