Daily Zen: 2018012401

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This is my first tile from the Delft Delights kit. I purchased my kit from AcadiaLaserCreations on Etsy. It was designed by Marguerite Samama, a CZT® from the Netherlands.

In addition to the instructions, the kit includes two Zendala-sized and one standard-sized Official Zentangle tiles. It does not include any pens or pencils, but a list is provided. I did not have the exact products listed, so I found the closest things I had in my supplies and used those.

Zentangle drawn on an Official Zentangle Zendala tile using a blue, Pigma Micron and blue Pentel Juice pens. Shading done with Copic marker and colored pencil.

Tangles: Adante Flux Henna Drum Printemps XYP