Daily Zen: 2018020101

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This Zendala concept is from Zentangle’s 12 Days of Zentangle and Project Pack 2. On Day Seven, Maria shows us various ways to use Auras to fill in shapes on a pre-strung, Renaissance Zendala tile.

I didn’t have any pre-strung tiles, so I used a blank, white, Official Zendala tile, and filled in with my own design. I chose a simpler string than I used on the last Zendala, which made it easier to draw.

This was fun and very relaxing to do!

Zentangle drawn on an official, white, Zendala tile using a black, brown and sepia Micron pen. Shading done with Copic markers, graphite and colored pencils. Highlights created with white, Sakura gel pen.


Tangles: Auraknot Tipple