Daily Zen: 2018030201

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Take two.

This Zentangle uses the same tangles that were used on Friday’s tile. They are done, however, in a different string and on a black tile. I was curious to see how they would look.

I think Quandry looks good either way, and so does Shattuck. I definitly don’t like Toodles on the black tile. If I’m going to use it on black, I need to go about it a different way than I did here. I think the Bucky, done on black got really muddy because the lines were just to close together. It’s interesting, but not interesting enough. Sez and Fracas work on both.

I will probably try this exercise, of drawing the same tangles on black and white tiles again. It was interesting to do, and forces me to think about tangles based on the background color!

Zentangle drawn on black, Strathmore Artagain, using Sakura Gelly Roll and Rapidograph pens. Shading done with colored pencils and markers.

Tangles: Bucky Fracas Quandry Sez Shattuck Toodles