Daily Zen: 2018061810

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Sometimes you just need a small change to create an interesting difference.

A Tangleation is a noticeable variation of an existing pattern. Here, the original tangle was Bales. In this version, it appears as if one rice shape is piercing the other where they cross.

Sometimes you just need to tangle a small thing and then move on with your day.

This is a Bijou tile, and there is just one tangle on it. Perhaps you are busy, and don’t think you have time to tangle. You don’t have to make a large tile with a complicated piece of art! You can make a small, simple wonder on a Bijou! They’re only 2-inches square, and still add a little Zen to you day!

Zentangle drawn on an Official Zentangle Bijou tile using a black, Micron pen. Shading done with graphite pencil.

Tangles: Bales