Daily Zen: 2018080701

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Remember last week when I showed you my desk scattered with some old art pieces? Well, here’s what I did with some of them!

I created an inchie mosaic following Eni’s instructions in her Inchies Mosaic Video Lesson. Inchies are little, 1-inch squares of art.

This is my first mosaic, following the instructions in the lesson. I got my tiles cut a bit wonky, which is totally my fault. I used a small paper cutter instead of following the instructions in the lesson. My bad! It caused my tile sizes to be inconsistent, which caused the entire grid to be off. That’s why my borders are an inconsistent size.

Other than that, this was a very fun project. I did make a mess out of the studio because I used markers, pencils, glue, brush and water, gel pens and lots of pieces of paper! But sometimes… you just HAVE to pull out lots of goodies!

I plan to make more of these, but I will wait until I have a better way to insure the size of my mosaic tiles is accurate.

Zentangles drawn on scraps of Strathmore Bristol Vellum paper that were pre-colored with Distress Ink. Shading done with colored and graphite pencils. Highlights created with colored pencil and gel pen.

Tangles: Aura-Leah Carpet Daisy Criss Cross Drupe Ibex Joki Narwal Springkle