Art Journal: Mini Traveler DIY

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I’ve been totally obsessed with Traveler’s Notebooks since seeing a mini one turned into an art journal on Facebook!

So I decided to try my hand at making them. I’ve made several of various sizes. But today, I wanted to show you a little tiny, mini one. Above, you can see the front and the spine.

The flower design is continued on the back.

Here is the spine, showing how two elastics were strung, and with the closing loop undone.

Inside, there are three booklet inserts and a dashboard. All of these parts, and the cover, were made out of scrap and junk paper that I had on hand.

And just how tiny is it? You can see here, in comparison to my fingers! You can see here that I had used some of the original paper to test markers.

The dashboard is just a piece of advertising postcard. I am just using it for testing and to add thickness while testing the cover.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the way this little Traveler’s came out. I used all stuff I had stashed around the studio, so it’s not a “finished” project by any means. But I think I will make some better inserts for it, and try doing some little, tiny tangling in the mini booklets!


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