Art Journal: Micro Art Journal DIY Cover

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Today, I can show you the covers that fit the insert booklets you saw yesterday!

I used the green leather you saw previously. I ended up using oatmeal colored elastic and I added some charms. I made two complete sets. The one on the right is for me, and the one on the left is a gift for a friend!

Here, you can see all four booklets in each cover. I wanted that many because each booklet has enough pages to do one spread per day for a week. So by having four booklets, you basically have enough pages to do a spread every day for a month.

This is how the elastic is arranged on the spine. With 3 holes top and bottom, it’s possible to get four elastic bands on the inside by doubling up in the center.

The cover opens nicely and lays flat. And you can see how the covers of the booklets work nicely with the color of the cover!

I am over all very happy with this iteration. I have some material changes to make for the next set, but this is what I will be going with. I made templates, and wrote out all of the instructions so that I can remember what I did!


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