Art Journal: Monsters: Fear of Color

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I several different times, as a child, I had one of those super boxes of 64 colors of crayons. They were one of my favorite things. I would often just spend time arranging the colors in an order that please me. Or, I would color various combinations on paper to see what they looked like. I was always fascinated by what new colors appeared when I squinted at my scribbles, using my blurry vision to combine colored strokes in my mind.

So, what happens to us between that age of coloring fun and where we are now, afraid to put two different colors together because they might not look “right”?

We forgot. We need to go back to the point of play, of experimentation, of sheer joy! We need to scribble and splash and drip… just to see what happens!

But what if it doesn’t look good? Hey, that’s what Gesso and glue and paper scraps are for, right? There’s nothing that can’t be changed… so PLAY!

If you are REALLY hung up on color and feeling anxious about coloring your pages, here are some resources that you may find helpful. The first three are various explanations of color theory and how color combinations work. The next one, Design Seeds, is a blog that offers your daily color combinations based on particular photographs. Canva allows you to upload your own image and then generates a color combination from the image for you. Coolor generatates random color schemes (and offers an app in addition to the website!) You can also make changes to the scheme and save it to your computer.

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