Art Journal: Tiny Key-Per

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When I got back from vacation, look what was in my mail!

I ordered this tiny Key-Per from Jot before I left. But because it was coming from Canada, it took a while to get here. Unfortunately, it didn’t arrive before I left.

But check it out! It is a little less than 2 inches high, and a bit less than 1-34 wide, when closed. To give you a sense of scale, the star paper clip is normal sized. It’s a very good size for a micro art journal.

There is a tiny key charm hanging on the nice, thick elastic closure. Inside, it could hold one insert, or possibly two (there are two elastics.) It might even hold 3, using a buddy band. It depends on how thick you end up making them. I’ll have to do a bit of experimenting!

It came with a calendar for 2019, which I’ll probably cut up and glue into an insert. There is a card to use as a template for making inserts, which is standard business card-sized. I love the little, person-shaped paperclip! It’s a great addition.

There was also a copy of my order and a personal note from Cori.

If you’re looking for a micro art journal or planner, I would certainly recommend Jot. I’m quite happy with my purchase!


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