Art Journal: Nano Traveler's Dream Big

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I created the cover for this set back when I was making new covers at the beginning of the month. Someone fell in love with it, and asked if I could customize the inside to their particular tastes. No problem!

She asked if I could use pink and aqua colors and if I could incorportate something musically themed.

In this picture, you can see the inside of the cover and pocket folders, with more pink and aqua designs.

She also requested specific papers in the insert booklets. One of the booklets (pink cover) needed to have dot paper. You can see that here. One (marbled beige cover) has Aquabee multi-media paper and the other two are for notes, so they have 28lb, bright white paper.

If you are interested in having your own customized or any other Nano Traveler’s Notebook Set, just contact me on Facebook!

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