Tiny Art Journal - Breathe

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I found this sign in the magazine that I was tearing up to make these pages. I loved the colors and the shapes of the letters. So I cut it out, not having a total plan in mind at the time.

Yesterday, I was looking at it, and I also found scraps of papers with the pink and orange colors, so I decided to make this page.

In particular, I wanted strong, swirly shapes that reminded me of air, and breathing.

I was going to do more to the sign, but I realized that if I painted on it, I would lose that neon glow, which is what appealed to me in the first place, so I just left it mostly alone.

We all get uptight about our art from time to time. Sometimes, I realize I’m actually holding my breath! So, we just have to remember: Just be open for BREATHing!

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