Art Journal: Sketch Book Project - Text

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The next layer that I’ve added to the page in my sketchbook is text, or lettering.

Each block in the design is about a particular art concept. So I’ve added the key word that matches the text in each block. I tried to match something in the text design to the concept.

As an aside, you see a mistake in one block. When you want to add lettering, it’s a good idea to print out the word on a piece of scrap paper and keep it in front of you! I’ll be fixing this in the next layer or two.

At the bottom, I added an “S” to the word “color”. I did this so that I could create a full rainbow range. It worked better to have 6 letters so that there was one for each primary and secondary color.

So all the lettering has been decided on and blocked in. I will be adding more to it, but the basics are done.