Art Journal: Technique Card 10

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Keyword: Stamping

Technique: Stamping with Sponges

You will need:

  • gessoed or painted card
  • craft paint
  • a variety of sponges
  • plastic craft mat

Cellulose sponges, sea sponges, closed cell sponges, makeup sponges… There are all kinds of sponges, and each one is like a fingerprint: It will produce it’s own unique pattern when used to stamp paint. You could actually make an entire painting with just sponges!

The technique for this is simple. Add a drop of paint to the craft mat. Pick up a tiny bit of paint with the chosen sponge. Lightly tap the sponge in a clean spot on the mat to spread it out on the sponge. Then stamp the sponge on the card.

For the card above, the turquoise was done with a synthetic sponge. The white was applied with a cellulose sponge. A sea sponge was used to apply the black.

You can cut your dry sponges into shapes, which will give you yet another effect.

Make sure you look at the sponges in the cleaning section of the dollar store, your grocery store, and in the paint section of the hardware stores. You’ll be amazed at the variety you can find!