Art Journal: Technique Card 7

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Keyword: Stamping

Technique: Stamping with Bubble Wrap

You will need:

  • gessoed or painted card
  • craft paint
  • bubble wrap
  • brayer, paint brush
  • plastic craft mat

Using bubble wrap for mixed media art is not new. It’s pretty much considered a basic in the bag of artistic techniques.

You can get bubble wrap for free. It comes along with all kinds of other packing materials. If you don’t have any, you can probably find some in the trash behind almost any kind of mall or shopping center. (Note: I am not advocating dumpster diving… just sayin’.)

The card I used already had the black design on it, so I used clear gesso to seal it.

Then I added a few drops of hot pick paint to the craft mat and spread it out with the brayer.

I pressed the bubble wrap into the paint, then stamped it onto the card.

My dots look a bit wrinkled and distressed. It’s because this particular piece of bubble wrap is kind of worn out. The bubbles have lost a bit of air and some are kind of wrinkled. I keep this piece and use it over and over because I like the effect it produces.

Although I didn’t make more cards, you can get a different effect by lightly misting the bubble wrap with water before stamping. You could also use a brush and “paint” directly on the bubble wrap. If you pop some of the bubbles, you can get a somewhat different effect. And finally, there are different sizes of bubbles! So you can create a variety of dot sizes!