Further Progress

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A couple of weeks or so ago, there was a post about rearranging Studio One so that it would work better for wet media and teaching.

I ordered some new storage from Ikea, which arrive on Friday. In this picture, you can see the Alex units all put together, and in place under the countertop. (Except one drawer bottom was missing, which I will deal with today.)

I also now have the center tables set up for classes! I still need to put in the chairs, but they will be in place soon. I am also planning on removing all of those plastic drawers. Then I can turn that wall into an art display for student’s work, examples, etc.

It is so exciting to see the Tangling Dojo becoming a reality! I should be able to start hosting Tangling Tuesdays in July. That’s an “open” studio where anyone who has taken the beginner’s class from me or another CZT can come, share, pick up tips and tricks and tangle in an informal setting!

In addition, I will be posting more formal classes very soon.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in the new setting!