Daily Zen: 2019071001

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Finally, a gold and maroon tile from Eni Oken’s Crazy Gold Auraknot lesson.

While I liked the idea of this, it turned out harder to do than it looked. I found that the widest marking gold pen that I had was kind of sketchy when used to fill in the solid ribbons. On the other hand, I found one with a very fine line that I liked along for creating the patterned details.

Shading was weird, since I’m not really used to doing it like this. I really should have sharpened the colored pencils to a much finer point. Towards the end, I figured out that would have worked better.

Over all, I’m not totally thrilled with this tile. But I want to try a couple more before I move on to something else.

Zentangle drawn on maroon, textured card stock using gold gel pens. Shading done with colored pencil.

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