Daily Zen: 2019072401

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This tile was created following the instructions from Eni Oken’s Art Club’s latest lesson, Glazed Whitework.

It all started with a watercolor tile. It was an interesting challenge to draw the string and all of the tangles using a white colored pencil. Then more color was added creating the depth and shading you see here.

One of the most challenging things was to select appropriate tangles. It’s much more difficult to create detail with colored pencils than if you were using an inking pen.

I think I’ll create another watercolor background and try this again. Only I think I’ll select a wider color range!

Zentangle drawn on Strathmore Vellum Bristol using a variety of colors and brands of colored pencils. The initial background was painted with watercolors.

Tangles: Betweed Flux Knase Marasu Mooka Printemps Shattuck Static Tidal Tipple Tripoli