Awesome Black Tile Class!

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Last Monday, I wrote a post about my New Zentangle Voyagers class. This is a set of 3 classes that I am teaching at cARTel Studio. The same students are in each class.

This week, the students learned about drawing on black tiles. They did a monotangle on a black Bijou tile. The second project was this Crazy Huggins, with tangles in each hug-shape. The third project was a 3-dimensional stand they can use to display a tile on their desk at work or home.

We had a great time and I’m just blown away with the results!

Next Saturday, they will be introduced to the Renaissance (tan) Zentangle tiles!

Note: cARTel Studio is located in the East Valley of the Phoenix Metro area. It is open, on certain days, to anyone who is interested in exploring their artistic side. No experience is necessary, although there are many experienced members. If you would like to know more, you can connect with them on Meetup at Creative Original Artist Cartel. There is also a cARTel Facebook Group for them. The FB group is more for the leaders to post information pertaining to the group, or things of interest, not for general “chatting”. Please use Meetup if you wish to attend.