Art Journal: Spooktacular 2019 TN

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Yesterday, I showed you the cover of my tiny, Spooktacular2019, traveler’s notebook. Today, I have the completed set for you. Above, you can see the set, closed, from the front and opening edge.

Right now, the inserts are blank inside. Today I will be beginning the artwork. The paper is from Bee Paper Company. It is from the spiral-bound, Super Deluxe Mixed Media book. I love this paper because it’s not too thick to use in a small book, but it holds up well to wet and dry mediums. Each insert has four, folded pieces of this paper and a decorative cover. This creates sixteen individual pages for art, or seven, double-page spreads. If used for spreads, there is a remaining front page for a table of contents and a last page that can be used various ways.

Here, you can see the outsides of the book inserts and the front and back of the pocket folders. While the folders aren’t absolutely necessary, I like them. They help to protect the insert booklets and provide a couple of pockets where I can tuck in tags or other goodies.

This tiny TN was created specifically for the Spooktacular2019 Anniversary celebration on the Micro Art Journaling Facebook Group. If you are interested in learing more about tiny art journaling, come on over and join us here!

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