Art Journal: Doodles 6

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In the last Ed Eberley doodle installment is the Planet of Zort! This comes from the "Big Green Drawing Book". This wonderful book is full of things that can be drawn by using the following simple shapes: triangle, square, I, C, D, O, (, ), and scribble! If you can draw those things, you can draw any of the things in this book! (Does this sound familiar?) There’s adorable Práta People, Snakes from every angle, Racing Cars and animals, Greengrin, Pine Island and Zort. Plenty of fun for everyone, large and small!

I had a blast drawing a great variety of vehicles and characters from this crazy planet. It was like going back to my childhood and drawing with my brothers at the kitchen table!

This is a wonderful book to add to your doodle library. Or, you may be able to borrow it from your local public library. Or how about this: grab your little sketch book and a handful of pens and go to the library and find any of the Emberley books. Take it to a table and follow the prompts to create your own doodled world!

You may even want to bring some extra paper and pens with you so that the crowd of admirers you might attract can join in the fun!

When you post, be sure to tag it #doodledoit!