Art Journal: Burger Layers

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So, what are we building? A mixed-media burger! Yum!

The point of this exercise was to figure out for myself, what my mixed-media layers are/should be. This concept comes from Karen Campbell. You can learn more about this method by watching her Mixed Media Hamburger series of videos.

Before I watched these, I had the basic idea, and had actually executed a previous art journal of paper dolls. But I had some issues that needed resolution.

I’m still working out which products I specifically want to use for each layer, from all the choices available. But now, I have Karen’s burger to use as a road map to work from!

As I figure out what I like to use, I’ll be adding them, and other information to this page, to create a permanent record!

Printed paper collage, matte medium, on gessoed art journal page. Coloring added with Caran d’Ache and matte medium. Lettering done with Posca pen.