Art Journal: Micro Art Journal Cover

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When I was shopping in Tucson over the holidays, I found these tiny address books in Plunket’s Office Supplies. They are actually a vinyl cover over a small, inserted booklet. The price was about $3.50 each.

These are a bit bigger than our A8 micro art journals, but they work very well as a protective cover.

So, I cut papers and covers to make several micro art journals. I used multi-media paper cut to size and stiffer craft paper for the covers.

I stapled each set in the center.

The folded each in half.

I used a pair of scissors to cut the papers even to the edge of the cover.

I can insert the art journal into the “pockets” of the cover. Now, it’s protected while I’m carrying it around and working on it!

When I finish all the pages, I can take it out and put it in a storage box and insert a new cover to start over again!

I don’t have a purchase link for this product. I could not find anything that matched it on line. If you know of a place where it can be ordered, please let me know on Facebook!