Art Journal: Color Wheel 1

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I am surprised at how many artists do not keep an art journal/sketch book. I’ve used one for years, and I find that they are invaluable learning tools for me.

I have recently started a new one, in a 12-inch by 9 inch, Bee, Super Deluxe Mixed Media Book. I really like these books because the paper is excellent. I can use it for pretty much any medium and it works well. I can also gesso the pages and paint directly on them.

Note: You have probably seen the first page of this book, where I have notes about how to add interest to an art piece, here!

This will be for the upcoming year (or until it’s filled). I am planning on doing a lot of mixed media/painting next year, so this book will have a concentrated amount of notes, tests, color samples, mark making practice and other related things in it.

Today’s image is a page with a color wheel. This is for the colors Cadmium Yellow Medium, Cerulean Blue Hue, and Napthol Crimson mixed with each other an Titanium White for the tints and Ivory Black for the shades.

The “mess” around the color wheel comes from applying leftover paint from the palette and allowing it to mix randomly on the paper. It’s a good way to discover new mixes and grey tones!

So, do you have an art journal, sketchbook, or art exercise book? If you don’t, maybe you might want to start one for the new year. Who knows what you will discover!