Art Journal: Artists' Book 1

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I’ve been teasing everyone for some time now with “sneak peeks” of a collaborative project that I’ve been working on with two other artists. Well, pull out your popcorn and grab a seat! Over the next few weeks, you’re finally going to get to see it all!

Today’s image is the front and back cover.

This is not the originally planned cover. I ended up having to make a new front and back, that was larger, to protect the inside of the book.

On the front, in addition to the title, the numbers are the date of the start and end of the project, and the artists’ signatures are are beneath. One artist’s signature is missing because she has been sick over the last 10 days! When she is well again, she will sign it also.

The book, over all is about 12 inches high by 9-1/2 inches wide when closed. I didn’t include a shot of the spine here, but it is two inches thick, with that lovely irregularity and chunkiness of a completed art journal!

Left (cover): Judy Wood, Tandika Star
Right (back): Tandika Star